Faculty Service/Engagement
Transforming the Culture

Recommendations From the Summit

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The summit culminated in some important recommendations. They are summarized here and more specific strategic plans to meet various recommendations will be added. 

Individual Actions:

  • Share what was learned at the summit with five people on your campus, including senior academic officer
  • Participate in future activities related to transforming systems of service-engagement

Systemic Actions:

  • Establish locally relevant, operationalized definitions (taxonomy) of service and engagement with clear standards and criteria
  • Make service and engagement visible and aligned with organizational goals
  • Reduce unnecessary committees and committee memberships to the level necessary to complete the task.
  • Implement credit systems (incentives) to support broader distribution of faculty service work tied to policies or practices to facilitate equity
  • Try pilot programs and audit practices (leveraging current research and summit resources) to create incremental change
  • Develop case studies of integrated scholarship/engagement and integrated teaching/scholarship for faculty development
  • Develop a service ‘impact factor’ for faculty reappointment/promotion similar to what is used in research and teaching evaluation
  • Harness professional societies to create disciplinary norms, guidelines, and expectations for valuing service and engagement
  • Broadly disseminate best practices and recommendations through publications and convenings of higher education leaders